I'm a visual designer. I specialize in branding, prints, packaging, digital product design and web design. I love traveling, photography, spending time with my pup and  good conversation with anyone who can inspire me.

Renowned designer, Paul Rand once said “Don’t try to be original, just try to be good”. That clearly explains my creative interests. Good design is the result of careful analysis of the design problem rather than a stylistic solution. Being able to create an attractive design doesn’t make you a designer. A true designer is a researcher and a problem solver who learns as they progress.

My goal is to create aesthetic and functional designs. Projects usually start off with research — I believe all design problems need grounding. The application of research, proven or even just questioned, ensures a thorough understanding of the design problem. The resulting work can serve as a means to bring awareness or raise questions. Viewers can relate to the work on the level that they experience.
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